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The Inscription MPhr-01  

The white marble funerary stele with an 8-line Phrygian inscription was found by T. Drew-Bear in a field in the village of Alanyurt (17 km north of the ancient city of Dokimeion) in Afyonkarahisar. Unlike all other Old Phrygian inscriptions which is use ephicoric Old Phrygian alphabet, this inscription is written in Greek alphabet which is used in all Neo Phrygian inscriptions. However all known Neo Phrygian inscriptions date to between the 1st and 3rd centuries CE, whereas this inscription is dated to the end of 4th century BCE. Brixhe enumerates this inscription as W-11 along with the Old Phrygian inscriptions, while Obrador-Cursach enumerates it MPhr-01 as the first and so far the only example of the Middle Phrygian period.  

Brixhe, 2004 Brixhe, 2004

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