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The Rock Inscriptions of Çepni  

Three Old Phrygian inscriptions were found in 1982 near the Çepni village of Ayfonkarahisar by Thomas Drew-Bear on three separate rocks in close proximity. All the inscriptions are shallowly engraved.

The Inscription W-08

A 4-line inscription is written on the southeast facing flattened surface of a rock called Gelincik Rock, about three meters above the ground. The first, third and fourth lines are dextroverse and the second one is sinistroverse (thus partiallly boustrophedon).

Brixhe & Drew-Bear, 1982 Brixhe & Drew-Bear, 1982

The Inscription W-09

A 2-line inscription is written on the east facing flattened surface of a small rock near the top of Büyük Ay Hill. It is the shortest one among the three inscriptions found in Çepni. Both lines are written dextroverse.

The Inscription W-10

It is on the southeast facing fllattened surface of a rock near location called Gencel Yatağı. The 3-line inscription is written boustrophedon, starting dextroverse.

Brixhe & Drew-Bear, 1982

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