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The Inscriptions of Daskyleion  

The Inscription B-06

The marble funerary stele with the inscription was found in Daskyleion in a tumulus (Kösemtuğ) dating from the 4th century. It was reused as the door threshold of the burial chamber. An unknown section of the stele is cut off at the top and a round hole was dug to accommodate the door pivot. There is a 4-line Old Phrygian inscription that is partially visible due to this damage. It is estimated that the inscription dates to the first half of the 6th century BCE. All lines are written sinistroverse. The stone is currently in the Bursa Archaeology Museum.

Bakır & Gusmani, 1991 Bakır & Gusmani, 1991

The Inscription B-07

The 2-meter-high marble funerary stele was found in 1997 in Daskyleion. On the upper part is a relief depicting a funeral banquet scene and below is a 3-line Old Phrygian inscription. The begining and ends of the lines at the edges are quite worn out. All lines are written sinistroverse. It is also called Manes Stele due to the grave owner's name mentioned in the inscription. The stele is exhibited in the Bandırma Archeology Museum.

Gusmani & Polat, 1999

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