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Doğanlı Vadisi  

Doğanlı Kale and Deveboynu Kale are two fortresses located on a rocky plateau, approximately 1.5 km northwest of Çukurca village in the valley, quite high from the valley floor. Deveboynu Kale is situated on the edge of a rocky slope. There are two typical Phrygian rock tombs on the northwest side the rock. Doğanlı Kale was built on a single rock which lies about 50 m west of Deveboynu Kale. Almost all of the seven floors carved into the rock belong to the Byzantine period. It looks like a typical Byzantine castle but it is believed that the site was already in use during the Phrygian period on account of its strategic location controlling the valley.

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Haynes, 1887 B. Bilgin, 2020

Hamamkaya Rock Tomb
It is located 500 m north of a Hellenistic period rock tomb named Gerdekkaya, near the Çukurca Village. The tomb is carved into the north face of a volcanic rock mass. It consists of two chambers in a row. The second chamber is a later addition. The rock surface below the ledge outside the entrance to the first tomb has been smoothed for a shallow relief decoration. Although much weathered, according to Haspels the original work was rough in details. Per Haspels, the scene on the left represent a man facing right and fighting an animal. For the same figures, Ramsay suggested a fight between two horses, while Anderson (apud Haspels) saw only two horses. To the right of the relief panel, on the side post are two small cloaked figures in relief, facing each other. Both Haspels and Ramsay mention the similarity of these cloaked figures with Relief 6 at the eastern entrance of Midas City.

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