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The Inscriptions of Şarhöyük (Dorylaion)  

Dorylaion is an ancient Phrygian settlement that remains in the Eskişehir city center today. Almost all of the inscriptions found are graffiti incised on sherds (few containing more than a letter). Only two stone inscriptions (NW-01 and NW-02) have been found. All inscriptions are dated to LP period.

The Inscription NW-01

It is an unpublished inscription of only a few characters on the upper face of a stone with a horserider relief. The stone is in the Eskişehir Museum.

The Inscription NW-02

The sandstone slab was found in 2017 during the Şarhöyük (Dorylaion) excavations among the stones in the foundation of a Hellenistic building. The single line Old Phrygian inscription on the stone is written sinistroverse . It is dated to the 6th or 5th centuries BCE.

Baştürk & Avram, 2019

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