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Dübecik Kale  

It is a small watchtower or outpost located 10 km south-southeast of Yapıldak Asar Kale, on a rock plateau surrounded by forested hills. There are several tombs from Phrygian and Roman periods carved into the rocks. The two-room tomb (D-F) on the west side was created by combining two separate burial chambers, with their entrances on the north and south sides of the rock, respectively. The one on the north face was probably built during the Phrygian period and the second one was added later, in the Roman period. Another Phrygian tomb (G) is located in the middle of the north face of the rock. The tomb chambers were built with a pitched roof in the form of a typical Phrygian house. These tombs were re-processed and used in the Roman period.  

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