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Idol of Gümüşbel  

It was found in 2019 at the southeastern slopes of a mound named Eski Cami, about 1 km southeast of Gümüşbel village of Seyitgazi-Eskişehir. The idol shaped stele is made of tuff stone and has a 4-line Old Phrygian inscription (W‑14). There are three heads and long bodies(?) carved on the stele. It may indicate that the Mother Goddess is depicted together with companion gods. The first line of the inscription is written above the figures and the other three lines below them. Some clues from the inscription are interpreted to suggest that the stele was used as a boundary stone.

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Tamsü-Polat et al, 2020 Tamsü-Polat et al, 2020

Tamsü-Polat, R., Y. Polat and A. Lubotsky. 2020. 'An Idol-Shaped Stele with an Old Phrygian Inscription in the Territory of Nakoleia', Gephrya 19, 45-67

Image sources:, 2019
R. Tamsü-Polat et al, 2020

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