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Paleo Phrygian Inscriptions on Rock-Cut Monuments

Below is a list of paleo (old) Phrygian inscriptions that are written mostly on the cultic Phrygian monuments such as façades, altars, and niches. The given classification numbers follow Obrador-Cursach's Lexicon of the Phrygian Inscriptions. The inscriptions are described together with their drawings, transliterations, and, if available, suggested translations. Most of the transliterations and translations are based on Lexicon of the Phrygian Inscriptions. This is not a comprehensive list of Paleo Phrygian inscriptions and does not include all of the rock inscriptions nor any of those written on sherds, metalware, etc.

M-01 Midas Monument Inscriptions
M-02 The Inscription on the King's Road in Midas City
M-03 The Inscription on the Altar 27 in Midas City
M-04 The Inscription on the Altar 28 (Throne Monument) in Midas City
M-05 The Inscription on the Broken Monument in Midas City
M-06 The Inscription on the Altar 14 in Midas City
W-01 Areyastis Monument Inscriptions
W-02 Berberini Monument Inscription
W-03 Aslankaya Monument Inscription
W-04 The Inscriptions on Altar 2 in Göynüş Valley
W-05 Maltaş Monument Inscriptions
W-06 The Inscription on Façade 2 in Fındık
W-07 The Inscription on Niche 3 in Fındık
W-11 The Inscription on Altar 2 in Menekşe Kayalar
W-14 Gümüşbel Inscription
B-01 Germanos Inscription
P-06 Kalehisar Inscription
K-01 Kerkenes Inscription

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