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Karacakaya Tomb  

It is located on a hill called Çaltepe near to the village of Karacakaya in Dümrek town of Eskişehir-Sivrihisar, where there are plenty of marble quarries. The tomb was carved into a hard marble layer. The locals name it as 'Gelin Kız' (Bride Girl) tomb. It is a single-chamber tomb with a pitched roof and a triangular pediment. It has two klinai. Unlike the typical Phrygian tombs that are cut into the steep surfaces of high rocks, it was carved into a rock mass below ground level. There are very few other examples of this type Phrygian tombs. Furthermore, the high relief made on one of the walls inside the chamber makes this tomb unique. It shows a horse rider and a footman holding a spear. Large cracks on the tomb wall has caused serious damage to the lower section of the relief. The tomb was first identified and published by T. Tüfekçi-Sivas, who suggests a date in the mid-6th century BCE.  

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Tüfekçi-Sivas, 2008 Sivas, 2012 Tüfekçi-Sivas, 2008 Tüfekçi-Sivas, 2008 Sivas, 2012 Sivas, 2012 Sivas, 2012

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