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Kırkinler Niche  

The niche was discovered in the Kırkinler locality, near Seydiler village of İscehisar town in Afyonkarahisar province. It is located in a rocky site on the upper part of a Byzantine rock church on a steep rock mass. It shows a relief of a female figure (possibly the mother goddess Matar) in a rectangular shallow niche on the side of a set of steep rock stairs leading to the top of the rock space. A second relief of a female figure was found in a small niche 10 m north of the first one. It is depicted from front with her high polos and long clothes.  

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Image sources:
T. Tüfekçi-Sivas & H. Sivas, 2003
T. Tüfekçi-Sivas & H. Sivas, 2004

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