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Midas Monument Inscriptions (M-01)

The First Inscription (M-01a):
It is engraved on the upper left part and written dextroverse (from left to right), starting from the left corner level of the pediment and curving towards the akroterion. The name of king Midas is read here.

The Second Inscription (M-01b):
The dextroverse line is on the right side of the frame of the monument and written laterally in the space between the decoration and the edge of the frame.

The Inscriptions on the Left of the Central Niche (M-01c):
Inside the central niche, to the left, there are two adjacent inscriptions.

The Inscriptions on the Right of the Central Niche (M-01d):
They are inside the central niche, to the right. Two inscriptions are readable, but more traces and some letters are visible at the lowest part. Also, two circles were drawn.

The Inscription on the Socle of the Central Niche (M-01e):
It is on the socle to the right of the central niche.

The Inscription on the Left Niche (M-01f):
It is inside a niche in the rock wall to the left of the façade. It starts from the left wall of the niche and continues on its back and right wall.

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