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The Germanos (Soğukçam) Inscriptions

The Inscription B-01

It is below the niche to the right, and consists of 9 lines. All the lines are written sinistroverse. There is no punctuation marks as word boundaries, but space used instead. This is one of the longest old Phrygian text found so far. Obrador-Cursach suggest a translation only for the beginning part.

The Inscription B-08

It is a few hundred meters away from the Germanos B-01 inscription. It has a very similar style to the B-01 inscription and the geograpical positions of the rocks raise the possibility that they got separated due to an earthquake. Yet, unlike the B-01 that face southeast, B-08 faces northeast and thus has been weathered much more than B-01 by the strong norhern winds and rains. A long crack divides the inscription into two parts. There are 4 lines are at the top and probably 5 lines at the bottom. All lines are written in sinistroverse.

Brixhe&Vottero, 2016 Brixhe&Vottero, 2016

The upper part:

The bottom part:

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