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1.102023-05-11 A gallery style image viewer added for all pages. Some image resolutions have been increased in various pages. Added images (mostly drawings) in Kerkenes, Midas City, Göynüş, Fındık, Ankara, Bahşayiş, Aslankaya, Değirmen Yeri, and Boğazkale.
1.082022-05-28 Added and replaced images in Gordion, Ankara and Alacahöyük.
1.072022-05-06 Added new images in Deliklitaş, Daskyleion and Berberini.
1.062021-10-26 Added new images for Vezirhan Inscription.
1.052021-10-05 Added new images in Deliktaş, Dübecik, Dümrek, Gordion, Göynüş A3, Maltaş, Nallıkaya, Kalehisar, Kerkenes, Kırkinler, and Faharet Çeşme. Altars A4, A5, A6, and A7 in Dümrek are renumbered in acordance with the numbering of Tüfekçi-Sivas. Some info updates in Dümrek, Faharet Çeşme, Kırkinler, and Maltaş.
1.042021-05-08 Tumulus MM added in Gordion page. J. H. Haynes photographs added in Aslankaya, Areyastis and Doğanlı pages.
1.032021-03-30 Added new inscription pages in Inscription List Page and updated their locations on the main page map. Added a new image of triple idol in Göynüş.
1.022021-01-23 Inscription pages created, and added a list page. Added A16 under Midas City. Added a niche under Demirli. Added new images for Niche 1 and Altar 28 in Midas City, Maltaş, Bahşayiş, and Kerkenes. Minor info updates on various pages.
1.012021-01-01 New site added: Alaçan.

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