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1.042021-05-08 Tumulus MM added in Gordion page. J. H. Haynes photographs added in Aslankaya, Areyastis and Doğanlı pages.
1.032021-03-30 Added new inscription pages in Inscription List Page and updated their locations on the main page map. Added a new image of triple idol in Göynüş.
1.022021-01-23 Inscription pages created, and added a list page. Added A16 under Midas City. Added a niche under Demirli. Added new images for Niche 1 and Altar 28 in Midas City, Maltaş, Bahşayiş, and Kerkenes. Minor info updates on various pages.
1.012021-01-01 New site added: Alaçan.

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