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The Inscription B-05  

It is an inscription on a Greco-Persian style limetone stele found in two pieces in the Sangarios valley near the Vezirhan district of Bilecik. The 1.5-meter-high stele has three separate reliefs on the upper part. At the top is the relief of a female bust with open arms on both sides. There is a bird on each arm and a lion below each arm. On account of these animals, it is believed that the relief represents the mother goddess Matar. Below this is the relief of a dining scene depicting standing and sitting people. The third relief shows a horserider in a boar hunt. Below the reliefs there is a 13-line Old Phrygian inscription. This text is surrounded by a more carelessly engraved 7-line Greek inscription, thought to have been added afterwards. All lines of the Old Phrygian inscription are written sinistroverse, while the Greek inscription is dextroverse. It is dated to the 5th century BCE. The stele is in the Istanbul Archaeology Museum. 

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