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Zey Köyü  

Zey village is located on a rocky slope on the northern skirts of Sivrihisar Mountains. About 1 km south of the village, on two sides of a narrow rocky valley there are twelve Phrygian chamber tombs and two stepped altars carved into the high parts of the rock masses. Zey Kale, 1 km south of this area, was a Phrygian settlement.

Altar 1
It is located at the top of the rock tombs no 8 and no 9. The altar has three steps on the right. The rock surface at the top of the steps have been leveled to form a platform and it has two libation pits. The rock mass behind the altar has a two stage bench on the left and a rectangular pit on the platform in front of the bench.

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T. Bilgin, 2020 T. Bilgin, 2020 T. Bilgin, 2020 B. Bilgin, 2020

Altar 2
It is above the rock tombs no 6 and no 7 to the west of the Altar 1. Like Altar 1, it consists of two parts. On the right is an L-shaped platform reached by a step, and on the left is a 2 m long bench. There is a square pit on the platform and two steps carved into the rock on the left side.

E. Anıl, 2020 E. Anıl, 2020 T. Bilgin, 2020 T. Bilgin, 2020

Tomb No:9
Zey Tomb 9 is the most spectacular in the necropolis and the only tomb that Haspels has included in the Group II tombs (see Descriptions). Its rectangular doorway is on the long wall which is rarely seen in the Phrygian rock tombs. Existence of a half-moon-shaped canal and a door shaft bearing at the base of the gate passage suggest that the entrance was once covered by a flat panel door made of stone. The rectangular tomb chamber has a pitched ceiling. The triangular pediment and king post are worked in high relief. There are two klinai carefully carved from the bedrock. The bed part on the klinai is slightly hollow. Head rests are in the form of curved pillows. Ends of the bed legs are in the form of bull hoofs.

B. Bilgin, 2020 T. Bilgin, 2020 B. Bilgin, 2020 B. Bilgin, 2020 B. Bilgin, 2020

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